Does SonarQube support C# 8 and .Net Core 3.1?

Does SonarQube officially support static code analysis rules for C# 8 language and .Net Core 3.1 version?

Hello @Sandeep_Kandula,

C# 8 is supported since SonarC# 8.3 released late Jan’20. See
.Net Core 3+ is supported with Scanner for MSBuild 4.8 released in Nov’19. See


According documentation, “The Sonar Scanner for MSBuild requires your project to be built with MSBuild 14.0”. I was trying to use C# 8.0 switch expression and TeamCity requires to run MSBuild 16.0 (VS 2019) in order to build the VS solution but then sonar scanner didn’t work. What is the option then?

Hello @Rodrigo_Sedano,

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The requirement that you mention is only if you want to analyze code that was initially written for versions of MSBuild older than v14.
But for recent code (eg C# 8.0 code) built with MSBuild 15 or 16, it should work too.

Since this is a quite different problem and this thread is fairly old, can I ask you to open a new thread, and attach upfront the logs of your failing build.