Sonar scanner won't analyze anymore C and C# projects


(Martin Labrie) #1

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using
    ** SonarQube V7.5
    ** Scanner V3.2
    ** SonarC# V7.9.1
    ** SonarCFamily V6.0

** Projects builder: MSBuild 4.0

  • what are you trying to achieve
    Analyze C, C++ and C# projects using Sonar Scanner

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this
    ** Set (As it was before our migration to SonarQube V7.5) -> error msg: parameter not supported anymore
    ** Launch the scan of the projects through their build tool (MSBuild V4.0, through Visual Studio) -> error msg: the scanner is not supporting MSBuild versions prior to V14.

The problem is that we won’t have on short term a Licence for Visual Studio 2015 (which includes MSBuild 14), but we need to keep scanning our projects and get results from sonar.

Any idea of what we can do to get around the issue? Is it possible to reactivate the parameter?

(Massimo Paladin) #2

Hi @Martin,

we are not going to add back, it has been deprecated long time ago.
What is the issue to provide build-wrapper input? That should not be an issue whatever version of Visual Studio.
I might not have understood your real issue here, perhaps the issue is not to analyze C++ code but to analyze C# code instead.

(Martin Labrie) #3

Hi Massimo,

Thanks for your answer.


In the sonar scanner for MSBuild documentation it is said that MSBuild versions older than 14 are not supported..

Our C# projects are build using MSBuild 4.0.3. which is not supported by sonar scanner, and we have no short term plan to migrate to Visual Studio 2015 (which contains MSBuild 14).

Is there an older version of sonar scanner for MSBuild that could fit our need?

(Massimo Paladin) #4

Hi @Martin,

to analyze just the C/C++ part you could always use the normal sonar-scanner, there is no constraint on the version of msbuild, see:

For the C# part instead I am not able to provide you with a solution, what version of SonarQube and msbuild scanner were you using before SonarQube 7.5.