Does SonarCloud support Github Enterprise Cloud?

I do understand that SonarCloud only support selected SaaS solutions, and not on prem solutions. GitHub support is quite obvious, but is Github Enterprise Cloud supported? As far as I know it is also hosted on

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Hello and welcome to the community!
We currently don’t have an integration with Github Enterprise Cloud.
SonarCloud integration with Github requires to install the SonarCloud App on the Github organization which is not available to Github Enterprise Cloud.

It this a restriction set by Sonar? As far as I know Enterprise Cloud supports Marketplace apps.

Well I’m not aware of any restrictions set on our side. But I also know we didn’t do any specific development to support Enterprise Cloud, I’m not aware of any tests with it either.

So if it supports Marketplace apps it might work, did you give it a try ?

Hi @torjue and @Gregoire_Aubert.

I see many threads / posts about SonarCloud and Github Enterprise, but they are quite a few months old and figured I ask that question again :slight_smile:

We are a new customer currently evaluating Sonar products. We also use Github Enterprise and I’m curious to know if its possible to use SonarCloud with Github Enterprise, specially after installing the SonarCloud GitHub App.