Does permission template and users tokens saved to sonarqube database? database


Does sonarqube database store permission templates and user token in it database?

Yes. And, the tokens are hashed (one-way).

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your help.

i try to restore sonarqube database from our production to development,
when i try to check within UI all permission template, group is there but the user is not shown on UI,
when i query direct to the database the user is exist but it not shown on Sonarqube UI.
how can i do to show the user on sonarqube?
i only want to shown local user.

You should wipe out the data/es6 (or es5 or es7 depending on your SonarQube version) folder of your development SonarQube instance and restart.

Hi Collin,

I wipe the es7 data dan stop and start sonarqube but hit error log about elastic as attached log.

es.log (66.7 KB)
sonar.log (2.8 KB)

Hi Collin,

here is the debug level log of es.
es.log (761.8 KB)

Hi Collin.

Never mind it’s up now, it’s because i set the , and after i remark it’s work

And do your users show up? :smiley:

Hi Colin,

Yes it’s show up after delete the es data

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