Docker service logs are not writing to log file


I have one sonarqube application running in replicated mode, with replicas 1/1.

when i run “docker service logs service_name” then, logs are appearing till 5th Nov (at end of the log), but after that I don’t see any logs,

but when i run

“docker service logs --tail 500 service_name”, then I can see logs that are from today (last 500 lines for today)

Could you please let me know what shall be done to see recent logs at end the of the log file, when I run “docker service logs service_name”

Thank you.

Even when I run,

docker service logs --follow service_name | grep ‘2018.11.07’, then nothing is showing.

Finally, i found the logs that I need “inside” container :/opt/sonarqube/logs