SonarQube not starting after updating from 9.9.2 to 9.9.3


we have updated our SonarQube Docker Compose Server from 9.9.2 to 9.9.3. Unfortunately, it no longer starts. Apart from the new image, there are no changes to the configuration of SonarQube or the server settings.

Any ideas?

log.txt (70.7 KB)

Hi @progs. Welcome back!

Could you share your docker-compose.yaml so I can try to reproduce your issue?

Hello, no changes on yaml file was made.

docker.txt (825 Bytes)

Hello, any updates here? We still have problems running our SonarQube server.

Some new logs attached.

docker.txt (37.8 KB)

We have now been able to solve the problem. We have deleted the es7 folder and restarted it. Then it was reindexed, a few exceptions were thrown, restarted again and now it works.

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