Docker Image for SonarQube Community Edition 7.9 without patch-level?


just a question:

So why is there no 7.9.0-community with an alias 7.9-community or will this be handled differently in this LTS.

Just asking :slight_smile:

Hi @mfriedenhagen,

The 6.7.X-community tags have been created when a bug fixes releases have been done.
So you’ll find for instance a 7.9.1-community when the first bug fix release of the latest LTS will be done.

I hope it’s now more clear for you.
Julien Lancelot

Hi @julienlancelot,

thanks for the clarification. So is 7.9-community a moving tag (at least for 6.7 it was to my understanding) so it will always reference the latest 7.9.x-community image? Then I do not understand why “7.9.0” is handled differently.



In fact I didn’t correctly understand your question but now it’s more clear : indeed 7.9-community is always the latest version, so the 7.9.0 will be lost.
We’ll try to fix this for 8.0.

Thanks for the feedback !

Julien Lancelot

Thanks for the answer.