Do we have swift plugin from official sonar or need to use via 3rd party?

Just curious, if we have any official plugin for swift projects other than 3rd party plugin.
i didnt see any pre-installed plugin for analysing swift projects.

Hey there

Swift analysis is available starting in the Developer Edition of SonarQube, no additional plugin needed.

For Community Edition, some folks use this community-supported plugin: GitHub - Idean/sonar-swift: Open source Swift plugin for SonarQube (also supports Objective-C)

Hi Colin, Good mroning :slight_smile:

yeah, even we are using this plugin but we aren’t getting duplication block data published.

Got it. You’ll have to take it up with the developer to feed Cpd tokens to the plugin when it’s analyzing swift.

understood, sadly there is no response from their community :frowning:

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