Display URL inside SonarQube Jenkins plugin


I have Jenkins and SonarQube connected inside Openshift network. Those pods communicate between themselves using internal addresses. For example I have SonarQube server set as http://sonarqube-core:9000/sonarqube. When build in Jenkins is finish, it shows SonarQube result but link to SQ project is using the same server address which has been provided in configuration.

As new feature I suggest to add something like Display URL inside SonarQube servers Jenkins plugin.

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Something which has been added inside Nexus3 plugin:

Did you set the SonarQube server URL in the global admin setting page of SonarQube? I guess this is what you’re looking for.

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Perfect! It’s working as I’m expected. Thank you very much.

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Sorry to reopen this old discussion, but this is still broken for me with or without setting the SonarQube server URL. This is because the waitForQualityGate step will use the specified public server URL (not accessible by Jenkins) instead of the private, service-accessible “sonar host url” that was used in the preceding scan step.

I suppose the fix for this (pretty common) case is already pending in an open pull request. Is there any way to get some eyes on it and encourage it to be merged & released soon?