Is it possible to overwrite SonarQube URL into Jenkins pipeline?

I hope it’s not too off-topic:
I have Jenkins 2.150 with SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins 2.8.1 and started SonarQube 7.4 docker container on Jenkins master.
We need to access SonarQube server in two cases:

  • From Jenkins slaves - for scanning
  • From our office - for analyse SonarQube reports.

Because our network configuration we should use private IP address in the first case, and public one in the second case.
So when we configure SonarQube server into Jenkins we have to use private IP. This makes Jenkins SonarQube link unusable. Is there any way to overwrite SonarQube URL into Jenkins pipeline (so we’ll be able to use public address in global Jenkins config and private IP in job’s configuration) ?

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We don’t provide or support any functionality that would allow you to do this.


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