Display Sonarcloud Scores on an Azure PR

  • Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines
  • PHP or Kotlin or TypeScript

The documentation for Pull request decoration states that

the quality gate status and a summary of the results also appear in your DevOps platform interface (that is, in the pull request view of GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps or GitLab)

and it includes a Github screenshot with sonar score results and the line

A pull request decoration on GitHub look like this (it is similar on the other platforms):

I do have Code Smell comments posting successfully on my PRs, and I do have the quality gate reporting back pass/fail. However, I’ve never seen (on any of our projects) quality scores posted like the Github screenshot has. Is this supported for Azure Devops? Am I missing a configuration that enables it? For what it’s worth, we left Bitbucket a couple years ago, and it did work there.

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As you’ve stated, that screenshot is for GitHub. What shows up in other DevOps platforms is a function of the functionality they provide us.

I’m not able to find a screenshot of what the Azure decoration should look like, but if you’re getting the Quality Gate status, you’re probably already at full functionality.


Thank you. What I see is that the docs are very misleading, stating that we’ll get a status AND summary (we only get status), and in addition stating that the decoration is similar to the screenshot, when in reality it doesn’t exist.


Could you point me to where it says that, please? I’d like to get it corrected and I can’t find it. This page is pretty explicit that the screenshot is for GitHub, and this page explicitly about the Azure extension only talks about showing the Quality Gate status.


Your second link appears to be ok.

The first one is what I directly copied from in the OP. It states “quality gate status and a summary of the results”, and it also describes the Github screenshot with “it is similar on the other platforms”. Those are the things I find to be incorrect.

To be clear, I very much would appreciate this as a feature. I don’t understand why it can’t post a comment with the scores similar to how it posts a comment with the code smells.


Thanks for the detail. I’ve flagged this for the Product Managers.


Hello @cyk ,

Thanks for your insight, we really appreciate you took the time to share it. We added your feedback internally to track the demand, but this feature is not part of our short-term plans at the moment.