Dismiss Issues Marked as “Accepted”

thanks for the question @james2, indeed there is a pretty important nuance to be clarified here.
We’ve made a move to enable you to Accept an issue, meaning your Quality Gate will not be affected by this issue and you can merge your MR, while we provide clear messaging on how accepting an issue contributes to your project’s technical debt. The latter part for now is only materialized by displaying the total number of Accepted issues for a merge request, or for a project branch.
For now, accepting an issue does not have any impact on ratings like Technical debt (sqale_index ) or Maintainability rating (sqale_rating )"; this looks a bit inconsistent and the reason is that we’re delivering those changes in iterations. In particular, we don’t want to rush through changes on ratings as they can have an impact on the Quality Gate status; we expect to work on that a bit later.

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