Disable top info banner "set up analysis in your favorite CI"

Hi there,

i would like to not have this banner materialize:


  • What is the trigger to show it?
  • How can i mitigate that?


Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube Server 10.2
  • SonarQube deployed: Docker

what are you trying to achieve

I’d like to be able to decide if the banner should be shown.

what have you tried so far to achieve this

Checked the Administration Settings in GUI


I think I can guess, but could you share why you want to disable this, please?


Hi Daniel

Further to Ann’s comment, I’d also like to better understand your use case for using SonarQube without integrating it with the CI. Could you share with us how you use SonarQube?



Hi there :wave:

thank you for the prompt replies! Maybe it helps when i flesh it out a bit. (Short answer for @ganncamp : I want to be able to disable, because i have the project integrated with ci. Despite of that the banner stays)

Hi @Tom, the event that triggers anything in our SQ server is an analysis-result that arrives at a sonarqube-server instance. (This means, no human is to be involved in creating a SQ project before a scan happens and the analysis arrives)

We archieve this by self programmed pre-actions that use sq-api to find out

  • if the project for current projectKey already exists in SQ
    • if yes: check if things are still the way as they are expected (and reset/append if not)
    • if no: setup a project with the setup we expect them to be in (which branch is main branch, which tags i want to be set, which exclusions, which webhook to reply to, which DevOps Platform Integration to use yada yada)

And for SQ-Projects that get connected/integrated with our CI this way the banner still shows. I would like to be able to decide if i want that happen (e.g.: i dont want it to happen, empower me to disable it)

Feel free to add questions, hints, comments, suggestions!


//edit P.S.: If possible i really am curious about the “inner workings” behind this. That is why i asked in the beginning of OP … could anyone explain what is happening inside the decision-process to show the banner?


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your feedback.

Normally the banner should disappear once you run your first SQ analysis using a CI supported by SonarQube.

As this seems not to be the case for you, could you please clarify which CI you are using?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ilham, please do not jumpscare caused by this semi-instant reply :slight_smile:

We work with jenkins and right now with selfbuilt CI instrumenting tekton.

Could you elaborate about the condition, that i need to simulate to make this message go away, please?


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the quick return.

CIs built with Tekton are today not part of SonarQube official list of supported CIs. That is why the banner appears.

I do not know the technical details behind it but the banner appears only to SonarQube project admins (not to all users using SonarQube).

We log your remark for the future.

Thank you.

ty, that is also valuable info! (that you could put inside the banner too, somehow? maybe :person_shrugging: ) so no user will be confused (only us admins :crazy_face: )

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Noted, thanks :wink:

so to sum it up:

  • currently it is not known how to mitigate the banner display
  • the banner is not displayed to users
  • the banner is shown to admins (assumption: in case, when no supported CI has been used to talk to the SQ instance)

that is as much of an answer as i can extract from this thread, pls open a new one if you would like to know more. :wink:

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