Difference between lines code SonarCloud - SonarQube Enterprise

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the difference between the lines one code for the license of SonarQube Enterprise vs SonarCloud:

In SonarQube Enterprise the lines of code is the currently analyzed, but in SonarCloud is the private lines of code analyzed over the projects of the organization.

Are the same?, I think is that in Enterprise being a on-premise so, yo don’t have public projects, like SonarCloud, is that correct?

Thanks for the answers!

Projects can still be public/private on SonarQube – but you’re correct, all Lines of Code count towards the license.

On SonarCloud, only the private lines of code count towards the limit.

Thanks for the answer, Colin!

Referent that, in SonarCloud I have (for example) 3,683,200 lines of code analyzed over 512 projects, but when I click over 512 projects I can see the distribution of private lines per project but I just can see 437 (not 512).

I do not have public projects in my organization, do you know why that happens?

Thanks for your time

Most likely, you have some projects where no analyses have been performed.

Thanks so much, Colin!