Developer plugin for version 9.6

Hi Team,
I am trying to get an downloadable jar file for developer plugin of sonar. But unable to find it.
when i click on the home page it directs me to sonarqube actual home page. can someone help me to find the right downloadable file to be used.


What version are you running? I’m surprised you see that entry in the Marketplace at all. The Developer features are included automatically in commercial editions, as is indicated in your screenshot, where is says “Installed”.


We are in version 9.6.1… To give a background of the requirement here, we are looking to automate the plugins installation and we found this plugin along with many others. so we tried to add the original jar file of developer plugin ,but were unable to find it.
so if we ignore to add it in our automation, is it expected to be present in the plugins list even not being installed explicitly?


Here’s what my localhost, DE, 9.7 Marketplace looks like:

I truly don’t understand why you’re seeing a “Developer” plugin in the Marketplace. Are you absolutely sure you’re on 9.6? Can you double-check the page footer?


Yes we are in v9.6.1 , but while upgrading, the jars files were migrated from old file to new file.
can that be causing this difference?

If its not meant to exist, can we safely ignore it and proceed with other plugins?


Yeah… that’s the problem.

There’s a reason the Upgrade Guide says (emphasis mine):

  1. If you’re using third-party plugins, Manually install plugins that are compatible with your version of SonarQube. Use the Plugin Version Matrix to ensure that the versions you install are compatible with your server version. Simply copying plugins from the old server to the new is not recommended; incompatible or duplicate plugins could cause startup errors. Analysis of all languages provided by your edition is available by default without plugins.