Devbranch is not visible on Sonar cloud analysis branches

Hello Team,
One of my devbranch is not visible on sonar cloud. Except that I can see all other branches. please help me on this

Hello Suman,

Are the analysis of your branch correctly configured ? Did you check if the analysis is actually running on your CI for the branch that doesn’t appear ?

Yes, I did double-check of my configuration. Everything looks good. Just for your reference, I created a new branch based on dev-branch, I compiled that branch along with sonar cloud analysis. After compilation, I can see that branch is visible under the sonar portal.

Ok thanks, can you tell us which CI you use ? Can you share some error logs if any ?

Also is it a private or public project ? If public can you share the organization and project name, as well as the name of the branch that is having problems ?

No, this is a private project and we are using azure DevOps for CI pipeline. We don’t see any kind of errors. I am only facing the dev branch is not visible on sonar analysis.