SonarQube Developer Edition not detecting all branch

We have SonarQube Developer edition integrated with Azure DevOps Server 2020.

We have 2 projects integrated with Azure Devops.

Project 01: Main branch is detected, but dev branch is not detected yet.
Project 02: Analysis completed successfully and Publich the sonar result in Azure Devops summary, but the project status is The main branch has no lines of code.

SonarQube Developer Edition

  • what are you trying to achieve Branch analysis
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this Integrated with Azure Devops pipeline, created a project in Sonarqube and use the project key in Maven Build
    Only main branch is detected in sonarqube, not other branches.
    My file is almost blank, haven’t configured anything. Could you please advice how to get all branches in Sonarqube?


On the face of it, this is two separate questions & should be two separate threads. We try to keep it to one topic per thread because otherwise it gets messy, fast. I’ll try to give initial answers here, but if you have followup questions, please pick only one topic to pursue here & create a new thread for the other one.

SonarQube doesn’t “detect”. That happens on the CI side, which then sends (branch) analysis to SonarQube.

You should look at your analysis logs. At a guess, you’ve analyzed a C# project with the default SonarScanner CLI, which doesn’t work for .NET.