DCE showing only one app node

We’re currently evaluating SonarQube Datacenter Edition 9.2 and have it running for the most part; however, we have run into one problem. The system tab is only showing a single app node and displaying a warning that at least two required. The problem is we do have two app nodes and they’re both running.

The app nodes are running in Docker but without K8s or a Docker swarm. We’ve exposed ports 9000, 9001, and 9003 on both nodes and configured them with the same SONAR_CLUSTER_NAME as well as listing both host names in SONAR_CLUSTER_HOSTS (I diffed the .env file of both nodes to be sure all settings are the same). We haven’t set any of the ENVs that change the default ports.

The 3 search nodes are all showing as connected without any issues. If we bypass our load balancer and log into each app node directly it only shows itself as the connected app node. Both nodes are showing the same SQ ID and other information. I don’t know if it matters but we haven’t installed the license yet as we want to resolve this issue before starting the trial license so we can make the most of our time.

I found a couple articles mentioning app node connectivity issues when using k8s but since we aren’t I’m not sure what could be causing this.

Hi @CharlesD ,

As you are evaluating Data Center Edition, you should reach out to your Sales rep to be in contact with one of our colleagues Consultant, to go deeper into your use case and help you with your evaluation and setup.


Thanks @Carine_Bayon ,

We’ll follow-up with our sales rep.