Datacenter edition: search node reachability

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  • SonarQube DataCenter edition 8.9
  • I am trying to setup search nodes in Kubernetes, so far the nodes are running, my questions are:
  1. What are the ports that need to be exposed, 9000, 9001, 9002
  2. How to do liveness/readiness check on search nodes?
  3. My local SonarQube app node is not able to connect to the k8s search nodes, how can I debug? I got the message that the app node is waiting for the search node to be up and running.


Hi Tao, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

If your company has a subscription to our Data Center Edition, you have access to our Commercial Support offering. Please reach out to your account representative if you don’t know how to utilize your support account and then file a ticket with our team.

Thanks, got the answer to it, 9001 for http and 9002 for ping by default. We don’t have a full license yet.