DCE 9.0 I want to specify the ports app nodes are communicating with each other through hazelcast. I setup the two environment variables SONAR_CLUSTER_NODE_CE_PORT and SONAR_CLUSTER_NODE_WEB_PORT to the ports I want, but from the log, it doesn’t seem to be the case:
2021.07.12 19:38:31 INFO ce[][c.h.c.i.s.RaftSessionService] [XX.XX.XX.XX]:40179 [SonarQube] [4.2] Created new session: 721 in CPGroupId{name='CE_CLEANING_JOB_LOCK', seed=0, groupId=245} for SERVER -> [XX.XX.XX.XX]:40179
Is it using port 40179? For security reason, we only allow fixed ports in our cluster.

Hi @tlong

If you are running a Data Center Edition of SonarQube, you have access to our Service Desk engineers who will be the best people to help you there.
Please raise a ticket through this channel, so we can follow up with you on this topic !