DB migration debug : Unable to view projects in sonarqube after migration

HI, I completed a sonarqube migration to enterprise edition, we did migrate on prem db postgres to aurora postgres in cloud. I did setup username password and URL to connect to DB. connection works but projects are not showing up in the UI. Can you anyone help me to debug the issue ? what check list do I have to do to verify this error ? I don’t see any error in web.log , it replaced new server ID that we have on prem.


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You say the projects aren’t showing up. Is that on the list of projects page or in the individual project homepages? The list of projects page is populated from the Elasticsearch indices, so you may need to force a reindexing. To do that

  • shut the server down
  • delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es7
  • restart the server


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I mean list of project pages in home screen. But I was able to update the db creating manual projects.

It worked thank you Ann.

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