Sonar UI is unable to show projects after postgres DB migration

Hi Team,

we migrated on prem postgres database to Aws aurora postgres, But we are unable to see projects data after DB migration. We are using 9.9.1 sonarqube enterprise version. We are using public schema instead of sonar schema, One thing we haven’t done is adding license to sonar machine, do we need license to see projects data ? If not then what else could be my issue be ? what logs and config can I check , Please help.

Thank you

we even deleted es7 folder multiple times to re-index the DB data still no luck.

we found the issue, sonar user dosen’t have permissions for public schema, after permissions were fixed we can now see projects. Also is it safe to store sonar data in public schema , do you suggest any other solution for this ?

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SonarQube needs full permissions on its schema and other things shouldn’t be going on in the same schema. So it’s probably not safe.