Dataset of Code Smells

  • Sonarqube 8.9 CE
  • I want to establish a dataset of code smells based on their “features”, programmatically. Once the dataset is established, I shall further write a program in Python to segregate the CWE and non-CWE code smells. This is part of my MS Software Engineering Thesis. I have passed part-I of thesis in MS’ 3rd semester. Now it is my 4th and last semester where I have to demo the same by means of practical experiment. I have only 2 months to finish my academic career, and now I am stuck into this dataset. If I manage to establish a dataset of 2 to 3 code smells, I shall have my degree of MS completed.
  • Please help me out. I do not want to try any other tool. Sonarqube is just LOVE!!!

Plea does not compile :man_shrugging: To better explain what you are trying to archieve, please rephrase (give more info about) the following:

P.S.: I mean … “technically” … like … in which way, practically, someone reading this could maybe be helpful in your quest