Can I track code smells by when they were first identified?

We justed updated our SonarQube Enterprise setup to 9.9 LTS. After the update, our technical debt doubled for a single repository. I suspect this is largely due to false positive code smells.

The issue is, I just started working with this repository and I was unfamiliar with the existing technical debt prior to the update.

I’m trying filter code smells by when they were first discovered to help zero in on suspects and patterns. As far as I can see the dashboard doesn’t seem to have these capabilities? Looking for general suggestions.


Welcome to the community!

To be clear, you’re looking for issues that were introduced after/by the upgrade?

You’re not going to find them easily because they will have been backdated.

I believe we do keep a separate field in the DB that’s the actual detection date (versus… “attribution”(?) date). And we’ve never exposed it anywhere.

And officially, the DB is a black box (insert obligatory Dune reference).