Dashboarding in portfolio


We are using sonarqube server version data center edition.
We really like the portfolio feature to get an overview on all our services and to review the releasability of them.

we are looking for a way to present additional custom values (custom metrics) in a dashboard. Basically we have a few requirements for every service, that is mostly a boolean true/false to indicate whether this requirement is fulfilled or not. Is there any way to add custom boolean checkboxes on these portfolio dashboards ? We noticed the custom measures feature that allowed us to do so, but this is only displayed under the measures in each project individually and is even deprecated. Is there any approach or any feature we could take to cover our requirement with sonarqube ?

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Hi Kristof,

Glad to hear you’re happy with portfolios in general!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to customize a homepage or show additional values. What you can do (if you’re up for it) is write a plugin to add a custom page to the interface. It would appear under a “More” menu item that’s added if there’s anything to show under it. The development docs, such as they are, are here. Feel free to come back to the Plugin Development category with specific development questions.

All that said, custom metrics are deprecated and will disappear soon*. If you’re going to go down the custom plugin route, it might be best to develop those metrics in your plugin at the same time.

And if you have the energy left after developing a custom plugin :joy: would you might sharing a little more of the specifics of your use case?


* For some value of soon.