Using custom metrics

I am new to sonarqube. We have a custom profiler that take some performance information about our code when running the tests. What we would like is to feed sonarqube with that information so it is displayed on the dashboard.
I’ve read that a way to achieve this is using Custom Metrics. But apparently this is deprecated since 7.4. I was wondering what would be the best way to do it on newer versions of sonarqube. Would that be a custom plugin?
Thanks in advance


Welcome to the community!

Yes, the best way to accomplish this would be with a custom plugin. In it you’ll

  • define the metric(s)
  • read the performance reports during analysis
  • populate the latest measures (metric values) during analysis

Feel free to open new threads in the Plugin Development category with specific development questions.


Thanks a lot. Are you aware of any examples I can use as a guideline.


It looks like this one adds metrics.