Custom Roles and Permissions in SonarCloud

Hey everyone,

We have an organization in Sonarcloud and as the Cloud team we are managing the platform.
We want to add a new role\permissions for another team so they will have the abillity to create\invite users to the organiztion and to add them to specific groups and permissions - to be the user managemant. But We don’t want them to have any other permissions, especially not for the billing information etc.

As I couldn’t find any option to create a custom role or a different way to do that, I am asking here.
There is maybe a way to add a custom role? or to give users permissions just for managing users&groups?

Thanks for your help and waiting for updates

Hey there.

There isn’t a way to segregate the permissions of an Organization Admin – it’s all or nothing. I’m happy to move your post to the below category if it’s something you want to propose.