SonarCloud Permissions for our development team with set of restrictions

Hi Team,

I need help in creating a development group and give set of permission like developers can manage code smells or issues that are generated, but without giving them full owner access. Developers in this group should be able to manually resolve code smells which wont fix.

Here is our Github Organization: USDOT FHWA STOL · GitHub
Here is our sonar cloud Organization: SonarCloud

Could you please help me giving them correct permission without full owner access to them. Thanks in advance

Hey there.

It sounds like you want to grant those developers the Administer Issues permission at a project-level and maybe make it a default permission on new projects (using permission templates). See the documentation on managing permissions.

Hey @Colin,

Thank you for your guidance!

I’ve established the development group and granted project-level access. Much appreciated!

Currently, I’m encountering an issue with our other organization that is displaying two organization keys for our GitHub repository at US DOT ITS JPO ODE · GitHub. Our intention is to retain the original “usdot-jpo-ode” key, while eliminating the duplicate “usdot-jpo-ode-1” key. I possess Owner privileges for the GitHub organization, but regrettably, I lack administrative privileges for the previous SonarCloud organization associated with “usdot-jpo-ode.”

On the contrary, I do hold administrative privileges for the new “usdot-jpo-ode-1” organization. All new projects have been configured here. I’m seeking assistance either in eradicating the old organization and renaming “usdot-jpo-ode-1” to “usdot-jpo-ode,” or finding a solution that allows us to utilize the old organization with full access and subsequently eliminate the duplicate one.

For reference: Old SonarCloud organization: Link New SonarCloud organization: Link

Your support is highly appreciated.

Thank you, Sai

Hey there.

For that to happen it will be easiest if we can get you in touch with a current owner/administrator of that organization who is in your organization. I will reach out internally to try and get that information and send it to you privately.