Is it possible to have more specific control over `Administer Organization` permissions?

We are using SonarCloud, and have a question about the Administer Organization permissions.

From the UI configuration it appears that the only option is to toggle “all” of the admin permissions together. Just wanted to confirm if we were missing something in the configuration to have more fine grained control over those permissions.

For example, our ideal scenario would be to have 2 groups with different permission sets here:

  • an Admin group with access to:
    • Billing
    • Groups
    • Permissions
  • a ProjectAdmin group with access to:
    • Permission Temalptes
    • Projects Management
    • Webhooks

Right now it seems like there are all locked together behind the single Administer Organization permission. Is that correct? Or are we just missing something?

Here are a few screenshots to highlight the permissions sections we are referring to:



Welcome to the community!

I confirm that is correct, you are not missing anything.

Are there any plans to add this functionality? We having similar issues to OP and would find more fine grained permissions really helpful.

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Hello @mmh125,

Welcome to the community! It is not planned to change the permission system in that way as of yet.