[SonarCloud] Administration is missing

Hi guys,
I am trying to find a way to access Administration -> General settings-> Analysis Scope.
Please take a look at the following screenshot.

As can be seen I have 2 projects and somehow they are different because on the project from the right side I cannot access Administration option, actually it is missing.

Any advise can help. I am not sure what is the difference between them. Please take into account the project from left side is not configured. It was made just to check if Administration is available.

Thank you in advance.

The Administration tab is only available to administrators. For the other project, it seems you don’t have administrator permission. I think you need to find another user who is administrator of the project or the organization to review the settings. Let us know how that goes.

If you are not able to sort this out by yourself and the organization administrator, then please tell us more about your use case of managing permissions for the organization and project. Then we may open a private thread to look at the specific organization and user to investigate.

Thank you for your answer. That was really fast.
I have the following permissions set:
If that ones are not enought, would it be possible for an Administrator to give me persmissions as Administrator?

The permissions in your screenshot is for organizations, a higher level concept. The administration permission for a project is managed at the project level.

You need to find an administrator of the project on SonarCloud to fix this for you. They will need to go into the Administration / Permissions menu of the project to grant the permission for your user, or for a designated group.

It was solved.
Thank you for your support.

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