[Critical] Blame Information is missing after upgrade

Hello -
I have upgraded SonarQube from
“Community EditionVersion 7.3 (build 15553)”
“Community EditionVersion 8.4.2 (build 36762)”

Noticed that blame information and author details are missing after the upgrade.

I need this information badly.

Hello @satyanarayanm,

We can’t help with so little information.
Can you provide a little more inputs on this ? Please provide the analysis logs of a project when the blame is missing, and a screenshot showing no blame in the SonarQube code viewer page


PS: Why did you pick Version 8.4.2 ? There’s a more recent 8.6 that’s even better…

Hi Olivier,
Thank you for your prompt response.
Please find the attached screenshots of both versions


Please let me know if any other information required.

Best Regards,
Satya Narayan

Thanks for the screenshots.

Can you send me the logs of the scan of that project on the 8.4.2 version.
Can you also specify which SCM you use (and if indeed you verified that the SCM plugin for that SCM is installed on your SonarQube 8.4.2 instance)

Hi Oliview,
SCM Git plugin installed in 8.4.2 is “sonar-scm-git-plugin-”. I am using GitLab

sonar.log (3.4 KB) web.log (10.0 KB) es.log (4.3 KB) ce.log (107.7 KB)

Attaching the log files

Hello Satya,

I don’t need the server logs, I need the logs of the scan (scanner logs/pipeline logs…)


Hi @OlivierK
Please find the attached log.Jenkins_Log.txt (93.0 KB)

Hi @OlivierK ,
I have tried to upgrade to latest sonar version - " Community Edition Version 8.6.1 (build 40680)" but issue still persists.

Thank you

Hello @satyanarayanm,

The version has nothing to do with the problem, so I am not surprised that upgrading to 8.6.1 did not fix the problem. There must be some setting that prevent SCM data integration. I looked at your Jenkins log but nothing obvious
Can you:

  • Rerun the scan in debug mode (run mvn sonar:sonar -X)
  • Send me your System Info File


Hi @OlivierK ,
Please find the attached Jenkins log and System Info file.

Thank you JenkinsLog_16Feb2021.txt (3.3 MB) sonarqube-support-info-A7EE8CF2-AWk5Y-sbn-RLmW1euT6p-2021-2-16-16-19.json (23.1 KB)

Hi @OlivierK
Did you get a chance to analyze the logs?

Thank You

BR, Satya

Hello Satya,
Sorry for the delay. I saw nothing wrong in your logs.
I went back to the original screenshots and actually I may have found the problem. If that’s confirmed I’ll look stupid…
It could well be that the blame information is there but the rendering in SonarQube has slightly changed since 7.3
If you look at your screenshot there are 3 tiny dots that is likely to be the access to the full blame information. At least the position of the dots are teh same lines as the blame on the 7.3 screenshot. I guess the way the name of the committer is truncated in the UI may have changed with 8.x.

Let me know…