Missing blame information for the following files

*** which versions are you using** SonarQube Version - 8.9 LTS Sonar scanner -

*** what are you trying to achieve**
I am trying to analyze .ts file in the source directory getting Missing blame information for the following files:
WARN: Missing blame information for the following files:
WARN: * app-ui/src/app/core/components/pmcr-comments/pmcr-comments.component.ts
WARN: * app-ui/src/app/assets/custom-assets/equipment-groups-list/equipment-groups-list.component.ts
WARN: * app-ui/src/app/requests/new-request/new-request.component.ts

I attached the properties file and analysis log.
sonar-project.properties.txt (532 Bytes)
log.txt (14.7 KB)

*** what have you tried so far to achieve this**
I tried to add and make sure " Disable the SCM Sensor"


Hi @ganncamp @Nicolas_Peru,

Any update?

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@ilyas: The missing blame information occurs because SCM annotation is missing (e.g. you did not run git commit on the files changed). If you don’t care for the SCM annotations, which is helpful for SonarQube’s diff algorithm for determining new code period issues, then you can disable it with sonar.scm.disabled=true analysis parameter (see Analysis Parameters | SonarQube Docs for more information) or make sure you click on the toggle/switch button in the UI of the screenshot you have shown and try scanning again.

If you have issues still, please add -X to your sonar-scanner commnd and attach logs here.

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