Create a customized report


We are using Sonarqube 6.7, and We want to generate customized reports, for example our target is to generate a csv file containing following columns:
-poject name
-error name
-rule title
-time effort
-scan date

Also we want to be able to generate a reporting contining indicators difference between two dates, those indicators could be for example, total number of Blocked error, total number of Major errors, total number of Critical error.

I wonder like if there is a pluigin to achieve such reports, for now we 're trying to perform that by sql requests for database, but it is a bite tedious.

Many thanks


This feature is not available out of the box, and as far as I’m aware there is no plugin that provides it. If you really need this (it would be interesting to know why) you’ll need to use the web services to pull the data and create your own reports. You’ll find a link to the web services in your instance in the footer of each SonarQube page.