Coverage view should scroll to first/next coverage gap

Hi! When I open “Coverage on new lines” for a Github PR (clicking on the “96.4% Coverage” in the PR comment), SonarCloud shows me a list of the changed files with their coverage percentages, and clicking one of those files shows that file … scrolled to the top. I then have to manually scan the whole file (clicking repeatedly on “Load more code” if the file is large) looking for (a) new lines, and (b) out of those new lines, the ones that are uncovered … and these are the only areas of interest in the file, in my context.

I want the SonarCloud coverage view to:

  • have “Next coverage gap” and “Previous coverage gap” buttons (with keyboard shortcuts) to scroll me directly to the areas of interest

    • these should ideally span files, i.e. I should be able to flip quickly through all uncovered lines in my PR without going back to a file list and selecting the next file (like “Next Problem” in VS Code)
  • Probably start the view already scrolled to the first coverage gap on a new line

  • Maybe collapse sections of the file that have no coverage gaps and/or no changes in this PR, as they are not of interest in this context (but one could expand those collapsed sections if desired, like unchanged lines in a Github comparison view)

  • ALM used: GitHub

  • CI system used: Github

  • Languages of the repository: JavaScript, TypeScript