Coverage not showing up

I’m using SonarQube Ant task When I build and pint the scanner to the local community edition of SonarQube (version 8.1 build 31237), I see the coverage information without issue. However, when I point my scanner to the company SonarQube (version 5.6.3), the coverage does not display.

Any suggestions on what is going on?


Welcome to the community!

Is your company server really on 5.6.3? 5.6 is 4 years old, waaay past EOL and more than 2 LTSs out of date! I guess you’re not in charge of that server, but you might recommend to its admin an upgrade at earliest convenience.

As to your problem, I guess the parameters and recognized report formats have changed between then and now. Sorry, but without more details, it’s hard to be more precise than that.