Copy code example button is too invasive

Hello! IntelliJ IDEA developer here. Using SonarLint for IntelliJ IDEA ( on Windows 10, classic IntelliJ UI. I noticed that SonarLint adds a ‘Copy’ button (org.sonarlint.intellij.editor.actions.CopyCodeExampleAction) to every single editor field throughout the IDE. For example, inside “Check RegExp” action (see the ‘Copy’ button on the right of both text input fields):

Or in ‘Edit custom VM options’ field (when it’s expanded):

At the same time:

  • It doesn’t play well with existing customizations of the editor. It may overlap other custom controls, overlap text input or align incorrectly.
  • There’s no obvious way to turn it off.
  • (Most important): it’s completely unclear that this feature is provided by SonarLint plugin, as it’s added to every editor, even if they are unrelated to static analysis. JetBrains customers may think that this is an IntelliJ IDEA core feature, without understanding that it was provided by a third-party plugin.

Please consider limiting the scope of this feature only to controls that are directly related to SonarLint plugin, or at least provide a clear indication that it’s a SonarLint plugin feature and clear way to turn it off. Thank you.

Hi @Tagir_Valeev,

Thank you for your report. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next 8.4 version which should be released tomorrow.

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