Connection problems with the SonarQube via HTTPS

I have my SonarQube On Premise server with HTTPS but when synchronizing the rules with the C # sonarlint I am presented with the error code 503 and when I try to connect using the java sonarlint I get the following message "Fail to request https : //sonarqubedesa.desarrollo.bpgf/api/system/status "

Hello Jorge, a 503 HTTP code means that the SonarQube server you are trying to connect to was not accessible when you tried to sync your rules.

What happens when you point a Web browser to https://sonarqubedesa.desarrollo.bpgf/ ? It should show SonarQube’s Web UI.

Hi Jean, Yes.
I enter the url through a web browser, if the page is presented

It could be SSL error. Check your cacert in your Java directory

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