Cannot connect to the web api

Version of SQ: 6.7.2
I am trying to connect and use web api through a JS script on our server.

The piece of code:

    var sslOption = { strictSSL: false};
        var cred="myUser:password";

                var url="";
                HTTP.get(url, { auth :cred,npmRequestOptions: sslOption}, 
                    function( error, response ) {
            } catch (e) {
                if (e.response) {
                    UTILS.error({ message: 'http statusCode=[' + e.response.statusCode + ']: url=[' + options.url + ']', error:e });

The response I get back is error 502. I am inside our intranet and can login to Sonar using web browser easily.


As it’s a 502 error, could you please have a look in the sonar/web.log to see what is the error ?

Julien Lancelot