Sonarqube server cannot be accessed from Eclipse and Ant

I used Sonarqube Developer v7.9 server.

The server is successfully accessed from browser.
But it cannot be accessed using Eclipse’s SonarLint or Ant’s SonarScanner
Eclipse Sonar Lint : version
Ant SonarScanner : version

From Eclipse when trying to bind the project the error message is:
“Fail to Request https://[server]/api/system/status”

Hello @sopiana

Did you try to ping the server from the developer workstation where SonarQube is not accessible ?
Did you try to call the server API directly with a curl (from the same machine) ?
curl -X GET -u [token]: https://[server]/api/system/status


Hi Olivier,

I ping the server it’s OK.

In case of curl, it is failed with following error message:
curl:(60) SSL Certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Hello Yang,

That’s what I thought :frowning:. You have a SSL certificate problem. This is really not a SonarQube problem and I will not be able to help you much on this. I can only suggest 2 things:

  • Check how your browser is configured regarding certificates (since it works with the browser)
  • Search on the internet for webapp SSL certificate set up (you may have to add certificates to your JVM trust store).