Connect existing SonarCloud projects to an Azure DevOps Organization project

Is there any way to connect existing SonarCloud projects to an Azure DevOps Organization project?
I can do the import but that only creates a new project in the Sonarcloud org.

Hi @EddHaigh and welcome to the community !

Not sure to fully understand your question.

  • Have you imported your Azure DevOps Organization on SonarCloud ? With the Personal Access Token ?
  • If yes, then if you have previous projects that were created manually, you cannot “link” them to a repository on Azure DevOps
  • If no, i suggest that you do so, then you will be able to import your repositories and created new SC projects according to.


I have imported my DevOps Org to Sonarcloud with the personal access token. Is linking manual projects coming in the future? It’s not a massive issue, it’s just nice to have.

It’s still possible, but why would you need that out of curiosity ?

I’ve got some linked and some not. Would be nice to have them all linked so I could feel more organised :slight_smile: .

We’re thinking about that, but no ETA to give you yet :slight_smile: