Configuring rule parameters on a shared instance?

Versions: SQ 8.3, scanner 4.3.0, css plugin 1.2.0

I use Sonar through a shared server, where I don’t have administrative privileges. This GH issue says that a particular rule should be configured using the “Rules” tab in the server UI. When I visit /coding_rules?open=css%3AS4670&rule_key=css%3AS4670 on the server, I see information about the property in question, but I don’t see any way to change its value from the UI.

I’d like to modify the value for my one project only. Is there a place on the server where a non-administrator can make a change like this? If not, is there a similar change I can make to the scanner when I run it, that will have a similar effect?


What you need to do is get the SQ admin to create a profile (let’s say inherited from the current profile) and give you admin rights on it. That can be done without giving you server admin. Then you’ll be able to assign your project to use the new Quality Profile, and configure the parameter values for the rule in the Quality Profile so it affects your project and no others.


Thanks Ann, I’ve requested a copy of the relevant profiles so that I can tweak them. I appreciate your help!

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