Compute metric at the end of the scan, but before the post job hook

Hello everyone,
I’m developing a simple plugin for SonarQube v. 7.9.1.

I’d like to get all the issues in a project and compute a new metric based on that.
I’ve a problem knowing where to handle this computation:

  • I’ve implemented a MeasureComputer and gathered all the issues manually (inside the compute method) keeping a counter that sums all the issues for every component analyzed. This doesn’t seem a good solution although it works for now.
  • I’ve thought of implementing a PostJob object, but I think it could be too late to add a new measure because the Job is already finished. From the documentation: PostJobs are executed at the very end of scanner analysis. A PostJob can’t do any modification since everything is already computed (issues, measures,…).

At the moment I’ve done it in a very hacky way, please tell me there’s a better way than this:

public class MyComputer implements MeasureComputer {
    private int totalVuln = 0;
    public MeasureComputerDefinition define(MeasureComputerDefinitionContext def) {
        return def.newDefinitionBuilder()

    public void compute(MeasureComputerContext context) {
        if (context.getComponent().getType() == Component.Type.FILE) {
            for (Issue issue : context.getIssues()) {
                if (issue.type().equals(RuleType.VULNERABILITY)) {

        // The Project component is the last component of every scan to be analyzed
        } else if (context.getComponent().getType() == Component.Type.PROJECT) {
            int newMetric = 3 * totalVuln; //  just an example of a metric that depends on the total number of vulnerabilities
            context.addMeasure(MY_MEASURE.key(), newMetric);
            totalVuln = 0;

Thanks to everyone that will answer.