Cusom Measures from outer source

I have a json file with fan-in fan-out datas for the source files. I like to write a sonarqube plugin that can display on the measure tab of the project.
I have a measure class with two Metric type (typesUseMe, typesUsingMe) and I have a relative simple MeasureComputer which only add Measure data to the context.
My sensor reads the json and creates newMeasures from the filePath(json) and current module filesystem but after a successfull analysis I don’t see anything

Hi @alex1980 and welcome to this community forum !

In order to be sure that your new measure has been correctly computed, you should call the web service api/measure/component?component=YOUR_COMPONENT_KEY&mextricKeys=YOUR_METRIC_KEYS
and check that you have something in the component/measures response field.

Julien Lancelot

Thanks for the information I’ll try it. :slight_smile:

The problem was the output and input metric in the measurecomputer implementation. So I created an input metric and an output metric than the plugin started to work.