Sonar.analysis.mode and PostJob

(Jason Klapste) #1

With sonar.analysis.mode deprecated, how does a PostJob gain access to issues?

If I run without sonar.analysis.mode set I get:

  • Issues are only available to PostJobs in ‘issues’ mode

Tested with SonarQube 7.2.1

(Julien Henry) #2


Issues are more and more processed on server side. Trying to get them on scanner side is not a future proof approach. Would you mind sharing your use case, so that we could try to find the best option?

(Jason Klapste) #3

I don’t really care where it’s happening as long as we can get access to the issues :slight_smile:

Although currently there isn’t a way to do that via a plugin, correct? How will plugins like GitHub, BitBucket, etc work in the future?

(Julien Henry) #4

PR decoration is now happening on server side, at the very end of scanner report processing, and also on-the-fly when an issue is updated in the UI (marking an issue as WONT FIX could change the quality gate to green, and the PR status is updated accordingly without waiting for the next analysis).

There is currently no API to do that, since we have already implemented PR decoration for most popular ALM. That’s why I was asking for your use case.