Commit Date Doesnot Match With Bitbucket

I’m using SonarQube Enterprise version 8.4.2 and I encountered this scenario where the commit dates shown by sonar and the one by Bitbucket do not match.
The last commit date for a file in my Bitbucket says it is the 5th of September, but for the same file, sonar shows a commit date as 1st of October. Also, the author for that file does not show up in sonar, even though the author has logged in once.
Why is this mismatch occuring and the author name not showing up?


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For the commit date, how about a screenshot?

For the authorship, is the user’s SonarQube login the same as the SCM id?


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the sonar login and SCM ID are same.


Thanks for the screenshots.

It’s notable that in your SonarQube screenshot you only have “Committed on” (which I believe is default text) and then “October 01, 2020”.

Let me show you a blame data popup from our internal instance:

First, in the margin, I have the first few characters of the author, and then in the popup I have Author and Revision. We have none of those things for your popup. From that, I take it that SCM Data wasn’t available to your analysis. And I take it that that analysis must have run on 1 Oct.

Does this make sense?


Thanks for your reply. That was helpful.
Though I have another issue with metrics displayed on SonarQube. In the sceenshot, you can see that the metrics for a package is shown less than that of a folder inside the package, which isn’t right ideally.

Ehm… Open a new thread for that? (That question needs different routing than the one this thread started with.)