"No commits from last 2 years" but SonarQube showing New code from last 60 days

Hi community,

we are using SonarQube Community Edition 8.9.6 and Jenkins for CICD, Bitbucket is integrated via Jenkins.

From last 2 years there were no commits in the Bitbucket repository but the SonarQube showing nearly thousand lines as New code. We set New code period as 60 Days in the SonarQube. Can i how it possible?

Quick response is appreciated.

Naresh Goud

Hi Naresh,

This is difficult to diagnose in the abstract. Can you share some screenshots:

  • Project homepage showing New Code Period values & the start of the New Code Period
  • A screenshot of code marked “new” with the SCM data visible. E.G.


Hi Ann,

Sry, due to security reasons we are not able to add screenshots.

we rechecked in our Bitbucket Repo History, there are no commits from last 2 days, but sonarqube showing new code .


Sorry, but I really don’t have enough to go on to help.