"Code" navigation for long lines


(dexter) #1

Hi all,

I’d like to report an annoying behavior when exploring a project’s “code” tab.
When you have files with long lines that go beyond the editor area and an issue is reported on such lines, you cannot scroll to the right because the scroll bar is located at the end of the editor, not the visible screen.

To see the entire line, you must go until the end of the editor, scroll to the right and get back to the line of the issue.

This is counter productive.

Maybe putting a scroll bar at a fixed screen position would resolve this, with some scripting to sync it with the one of the editor.

Thank you.

(Benoit) #2


This has already been reported, and there is a ticket to fix that: SONAR-8698. Feel free to vote for it!
In the meantime, you can use Shift+scroll to scroll horizontally!