SonarLint IntelliJ - "Inspection Description" popup is neither scrollable nor movable

Versions used
(Sonarlint-Intellij plugin : - Latest as of today)
(Intellij IDEA) : 2020.2 - Latest as of Today

Step 1:
Click on “Show Inspection Description”.

Step 2:

  • Issue 1: If the popup goes off the screen as above, we cannot scroll down to view the entire inspection description.

  • Issue 2: Neither can we move the popup with mouse pointer (while in Intellij other popups (quick documentation e.g) can be moved with mouse).


Thanks for raising this issue.

I think we don’t have a way to customize this popup. We just provide the content of it, and the layout is managed by IntelliJ. I will double check

Do you know that we recently introduced a context action for each issue ? You can Alt+Enter on an issue, select ‘SonarLint: Show rule description’ and it will bring you to the Issues panel with a detailed description. You can also click on it in the little popup that appears on top of an issue as shown in your screenshot.

Thanks again for your feedback


Hi @Damien_Urruty,

Thanks for the reply and info about context action, just now I tried and I can see the complete issue description which is great.

Regarding popup window if possible you can confirm whether we cannot customize this popup and I can raise an issue with Intellij.


Hello ss005,

Sorry for the late answer.

I can confirm you that we can’t customize that popup, it is displayed and managed by JetBrains. Feel free to open a ticket on their side if you want.


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