Code coverage inconsistency when using Azure DevOps

We are still seeing some inconsistency with the coverage statistics that are generated from Azure DevOps and what is tracked by SonarCloud. An example of this can be seen below.

Azure DevOps (Downloaded from the code coverage tab saved against the build):

Sonar Cloud:

When I download the code coverage file from Azure DevOps I can see differences in what is reported versus what is actually covered. We haven’t set up any specific file paths to ingest the coverage from, and I assumed that SonarCloud used the same output from Azure DevOps.

hi @StephenLarkin

sorry for the delay on this one

you’re showing code blocks coverage from Azure Devops and Line coverage from Sonar Cloud - could you show the same metric, please?

also, the numbers may differ because how we compute the final coverage number - see SonarQube and the code coverage

if the difference is big, then there must be something else and we need to investigate