Code coverage suddenly dropped

Unfortunately we have once again, for the second time in two weeks, hit random issues with our code coverage dropping without us changing anything.

I posted about this previously as well as here.

Last night our code coverage dropped and this time it seems to be an issue with some of our csproj files not being picked up properly.

Highlighted below are some folders that I know should have at least some level of code coverage.

Once again, we have not changed anything, but we’re now seeing vast differences in the statistics that are being produced.

For the record, details about the job config are here -> Adding another test run halves the code coverage

  • Does the issue happen for the projects you’ve migrated to OpenCover or to the projects that use the VS Coverage?
  • is your Javascript code in a different SQ project? AFAIK, you cannot show code coverage for multiple technologies in the same SQ project.
  • To investigate further, we’d also need the verbose logs. Please add the sonar.verbose=true property at the BEGIN step and give us the logs of the BEGIN and END steps.
  • can you send us the coverage reports as well? to verify their contents?

In case you want to send them via private messaging, I’ll contact you privately and you can upload them there.

The projects that are affected are all ones that use Visual Studio Coverage.

Our typescript code is in the same project and we have not had any issues up until now having multiple technologies all in the same project. We have python code as well, that reports our coverage as expected.

I will try to get those verbose logs out soon, but things are rather hectic on our end as we’re at the end of one of our sprints.

Sounds good. Good luck with the sprint :slight_smile: !